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What is Strategic Sustainability?

Strategic Sustainability is similar to the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) and adopts a holistic and strategic approach to sustainability:

      • Doing good for the Environment (Environmental Sustainability)
      • Doing good for the Society (Social Sustainability)
      • Doing good for the Business (Economic Sustainability)

Strategic Sustainability goes beyond single dimensional aspects such as CSR or Diversity & Inclusion or Carbon Footprint, it incorporates all of these and much more to give a full picture of how well a company is performing.

Sustainability Venn

Strategic Sustainability advisory

In addition to our Strategic Sustainability Assessment Solution, we assist our customers at each stage of their Strategic Sustainability projects:

      1. Create awareness
      2. Define the desired approach
      3. Understand what could be done
      4. Create consensus on these changes
      5. Execute the changes

Understand your current state with regards to sustainability

    • Current Environmental, Social and Business landscape
    • Assess Readiness for change (do employees, customers, management & external stakeholders care?)
    • Determine Drivers for change

Define your Strategic Sustainability Approach

    • Build a coherent and realistic Roadmap
    • Define their Goals & Objectives, Targets & KPIs

Implement the changes

    • Micro and macro-level changes
    • Track & report on progress: measure the positive impact
    • Assistance with completing Gaps
    • Assistance obtaining Certifications
    • Define Sustainability Strategy: TOM (Fully analysis + Vision + Target state)
    • Define Target & KPIs
    • Change Management
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Project Management & Support an internal initiative

Communicate on your Sustainability effort

    • Ensuring your voice is true and genuine. 
    • Internal and external Communication

Other activities:

    • Interim or “part-time” Strategic Sustainability Officer
    • Assistance obtaining Certifications


Ascentys Advisory

The 3 interlocked circles represents the interdependence of the Economic, Social & Environmental aspects in order to deliver a complete Strategic Sustainability.

The 3 circles in the outer ring represents the Earth, the circular economy and the completeness of Vision.