Strategic Sustainability Assessment

Measure your Strategic Sustainability

If you do not currently measure your Strategic Sustainability and want an easy, accurate & secure way to do so, we have built a Solution to help you.

90% of companies worldwide do not know, measure or track their Strategic Sustainability.

Most methods and tools available to measure Sustainability are not optimal:

      • They tend to focus on just one aspect (Environment, Diversity & Inclusion or CSR for example),
      • They often require a level of information that most companies do not have readily available,
      • They often have jargon that make them difficult to use
      • They are not “fit for purpose”, usually either too simplistic or on the other hand, designed for large multinational companies.

We started Ascentys as we could not find a simple way to carry out a detailed, holistic, independent and cost-effective Strategic Sustainability Assessment for our own company.

So we decided to build it.

The Ascentys Solution is based on a combination of sophisticated Technology, and human Expertise that allows companies of all sizes to Measure your Strategic Sustainability.

Our Services & Technology assist companies with understanding their current Strategic Sustainability position, how it could be improved and drive these changes.

Our Strategic Assessment Solution is primarily aimed at Mid-size to Large companies who typically have not been in a position to measure their Sustainability.

Solution: Strategic Sustainability Assessment

By combining advanced Technology and Human expertise, we have streamlined the way Strategic Sustainability assessments are carried out, finally making it possible for Mid-size & Large companies to measure themselves in a way that is easy, cost-effective and accurate.

At the core of our work is an extremely sophisticated technological solution that allows companies of all sizes to almost automatically:

      • Measure your Strategic Sustainability

      • Produce Graphical & Narrative Strategic Sustainability reports

      • Identify Gaps & areas of improvements

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How does it Work?

Step 1 – Your Data

Provide basic information on your company.

Answer 15 high-level questions.

Step 2 – Your Documents

Upload all corporate documents that could be relevant to our secure Data Room:

Policies, Code of Conduct, Certification and certificates, Expense data, HR data etc.

Step 3 – Our Magic

We scrub any personal data, apply AI & NLP (Natural Language Processing) to read, analyse and extract relevant data from the documents your provided.

We validate the data, working on gaps and inconsistencies with you.

We use over 360 KPIs and apply ratio & weighting based on your size, industry & location(s):

      • 3 Aspects: Economic, Social & Environmental
      • 9 Themes
      • 27 Categories

We digest all the data and work with you to complete the gaps and missing information so that your assessment can be completed.

Step 4

Your Strategic Sustainability Index is ready.

Access your Dashboard to visualise your Strategic Sustainability performance, drill into specific themes.

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